The past few weeks have been jam packed with a ton of activity for me, spring cleaning, helping a friend declutter her office, getting the garden ready, a little travel, etc.  Added to all this activity –  Oscar came to stay.  Almost two weeks ago, Oscar arrived; this was not a surprise visit.  I agreed to it. He’s a bit of an old fart, a little grumbly, occasionally a bit of a curmudgeon but what he lacks in social graces, Oscar makes up for in his good natured approach to life….“Live and let live.”  In Oscar’s estimation; nothing in this world is worth getting your knickers in a twist….just chill out, relax, life will be fine.

He’s a fairly quiet fellow. He does his thing and lets you go about your business. I guess at his advanced age you start slowing down, conserving energy, only use your voice for the most important things.  In the two weeks that Oscar has been our houseguest, I’ve only heard him get excited once and that was when my hubby came home and gave me a hug.  Apparently, physical contact is frowned upon in his world.

At about fifteen people years old, over 100 in doggie years; he‘s still a relatively pleasant little pup.  Oscar is my sister’s long-hair dachshund; his reddish hair with black tips gives him a classic long hair dachshund look, with a little graying around his muzzle.   Oscar is a gentle old fart dog…..I think of him sort of like that lovable, crotchety, old character played by Burgess Meredith in the 1993 movie Grumpy Old Men; a little rough around the edges but basically lovable and full of wisdom.

Burgess Merideth
Burgess Meredith in Grumpy Old Men.

Oscar paces himself and knows just how much energy he can expend at anytime.  He’s given up chasing squirrels or even being bothered by them being in the yard or on the deck. He may or may not acknowledge your return home.  If you get a nod of the head, that’s good enough.  He won’t go out of his way to announce your arrival; you are all on your own for that.  Oscar doesn’t even care if you’re around as long as he gets his food, water and treats.  When I’m home and working, I leave the back door open a few inches and he takes himself in and out of the house as needed.  He spends his days moving from one sunspot to another just basking in the warmth; I guess it feels good on his old bones.  During the afternoons when the kitchen porch is in full sun, he plonks his ample size down on the largest sunspot on the deck and toasts his backside for as long as possible before moving to another sunspot that could be more advantageous.  Once in a while he comes back into the house for a little refreshment then returns to his version of the beach.  Lots of sun, no sand.

The comically unique thing about Oscar is that he resembles a roving ottoman. Yes you read that correctly…..a roving foot stool….low to the ground, wide of girth, a little cushy, and meandering slowly.

Some time ago, I heard a friend refer to the way a corgis looks as it toddles around their neighborhood as roving ottoman.  Oscar is a sort of older version of a roving foot stool.  His short legs and long hairy body give him an ottoman-like quality but the way he ambles around makes me smile.  He just toddles around our yard with a bit of a waddling walk, zig-zagging from one place to the next with no concern for the numerous squirrels or wildlife in the yard and no apparent plan; just a haphazard stroll with his nose down in the most advantageous position to sniff the most pungent smells with as little effort as possible.  He ambles around checking his P-mail (my daughter’s name for dogs checking for messages or scents left by other animals) wandering for long enough time to get in his exercise for the day.

My little roving ottoman is going home today, back to his family.  It seems I just got used to him being around and now I have to start the process all over again in reverse.  I’m sure tonight, I’ll be at the back door thinking of letting him out one last time before bed.  It doesn’t mean I’m looking for another dog but I did enjoy Oscar’s visit.

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